Sunday, September 9, 2012


sentimentality.. lol.. i sit here and i read all my past posts. it revolved so much around you boy. the heartaches, the tears, the joys.. all those memories. even till now i still think of you. but you know what boy? you weren't worth my time and energy and definitely not my thoughts. all my fears that i expressed were in the end true and reasonable. you did hurt me so badly. but i FORGIVE you. now, you're just my past. i hope you will be happy...


now i have a new person in life. you know who you are. :) you make me happy. an d i give you all my heart. it is bruised and broken in places.. but in time, i know you will help me heal. i can ask for no better person than you. thank you..

you know how life has so many obstacles for us? and time and time again we just want to stay down and not get back up? i've actually lost count of how many times that has happened to me. but i know that every cloud  has it's silver lining. :)

it's a new beginning,
it's a start over,
it's another chance given,
it's an opportunity to let go of old.

time to forget,
time to forgive,
time to look forward,
time to move on.

i've forgiven you, my old,
i've accepted you, my new,
i've forgotten you, my past,
i've given you, my future.


HEY YO!!! omg.. i so need to stop this. it's been ages since i've been back here. new life in college, new people that we meet but same ol' me. hahaha.

whee. got loads of works to do. really cool assignments. lol. well, i promise i will be back soon again. peace yo! :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011


omg! its been so long since i was here. hehe. kinda miss bein here. sorry blog! i have tumblr know till i forgot about you! :(

dun hate me k?

lol.. haiz.. i ws just reading my previous entries on this blog. and i came across 1 where i was telling that he sorta proposed to me...
its never gonna happen for real now. we broke up about 6 days ago. ouch! it hurts like crazy. i cried a lot. but hey, im moving on. i feel alone but i know that my friends and family are there for me.

this pat week has been really down for m. even my school stuff. but thank and praise god, i am ok. and thats what matters.

hey! i'll be back ok? gotta go now. see ya! i'll be back soon! i'll be back! 2pm! hehe! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey.. tis is my new blog site.. so ya.. tis is just goin stale. so check out the new bloggie k?? i'll link it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghost Caught on Video (HD)

Ghost Caught on Video (HD)

of nothingness and ghosts??

have you ever met a ghost?? its creepy and scary. i saw 1 when i was in form 4. me and my team mates from ot2008!

did you ever wonder what you would do if you ever met 1??? haha! not to scare you more but its no fun if i dont write about some fun stuff right?? i'll probably bore all of you if i only talk about my personal life! ahaha..

so i'll leave you a video. maybe. hopefully you enjoy it!

my sis will kill me if she saw me doing this. hee.